One of my first long-term clients was a gentleman that had been living in a retirement community and was bouncing back and forth between his apartment, the hospital, the rehab center, and right back to the hospital. He had multiple medical problems, but his biggest hurdle to staying out of the hospital was the lack of supervision of his care. He was living in a small apartment and his numerous health conditions were taking a toll on his ability to remain independent.


I got involved when his son, who was living out of state and realized his dad needed to put a better system in place to keep his dad out of the hospital. In the previous three months, my new client had been in the hospital three times, had multiple falls, and was, at the time, in rehab for the second time. It was clear that he could no longer return to his apartment and manage his medications and breathing treatments.


One of the choices he had was moving to personal care. I helped him transition from rehab to personal care and over the next 18 months he remained out of the hospital. During that period of time, I monitored the care he received, I went with him to all his medical appointments, and I engaged other resources to make sure his bills were paid and he had help for all his personal needs. I kept in regular contact with the personal care staff and kept his son informed of his dad’s personal and medical needs. His son could now travel home to enjoy a visit with his dad rather than spending his visits keeping up with his dad’s care.


He did end up back in the hospital when he refused to wear his night-time CPAP mask. At that point, he transitioned again to long-term care and eventually was placed on hospice. I continued to see him regularly and work with the nursing home staff to ensure he got great care.


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