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Heading to rehab directly from the hospital? Questions to ask about out of pocket expenses before you say yes!

Are you currently hospitalized and receiving Medicare benefits? Did the hospital staff tell you that you are physically unsafe to return home? Did they make a recommendation to consider rehab in a skilled nursing facility (SNF)? Should you say yes? SNFs offer skilled rehab services that include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. They also provide [...]

Being Discharged From The Hospital? Why You Might Need A Healthcare Advocate.

Your father fell and broke his hip. Your mother suffered a stroke. Your husband has dementia and is in the hospital with pneumonia. Now what? Who’s going to take care of your loved one when they are ready for discharge? As you can imagine, these scenarios play out on a daily basis in hospitals across [...]

What To Consider If You Can’t Go Directly Home From The Hospital

Emergency rooms are busier than ever, and a large percentage of the patients visiting ERs end up staying overnight for at least one night. Many ER visitors are also over the age of 65 and more often than not these patients require an extended stay in the hospital.   Common conditions requiring hospitalization include congestive [...]

8 Ways To Avoid Making Dangerous Medical Mistakes When Leaving The Hospital

Picture this… you end up in the hospital and you can’t wait to get home. Did you know that being discharged from a hospital can be one of the most challenging issues patients face each day? There are approximately 35 million hospital patients discharged from hospitals each year. Research also proves that hospital discharges are [...]

6 Tips For Taking Care Of The Caregiver

The last few blogs have focused on caregiving. We have explored “Is caregiving making you sick?” and “3 ways to cope with the stress of caregiving.” In the final blog of this series… as your healthcare advocate, I want to look at six helpful tips to take care of yourself as the caregiver. Currently, one [...]

3 Ways To Cope With The Stress Of Caregiving

In last week’s blog, I asked this question “Is caregiving making you sick?” Many researchers have looked at this issue and it’s very clear that caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s dementia are at a higher risk of developing psychological and physical illnesses as a result of chronic stress of caregiving. The level of burden for [...]

Is Caregiving Making You Sick?

As a Health Advocate, I often have clients confide in me about the stress they are going through as they take care of their aging parents. Discussions focus on the struggles they experience as they try to still work, take care of their family, and spend time as a caregiver. As I began in 2019, [...]

You Get What You Pay For — When It Really Pays To Pay

Let’s start off with the truth – everything has a cost. It has been said that nothing in life is free. So, if you’re given something for free you should question what it really costs you. I am very passionate about this issue because I’m in the business of helping clients navigate the often treacherous [...]

Why You Should Hire Me As Your Health Advocate

For the last 12 years, I’ve been a caregiver to my aging parents. First, for my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer, and later for my mom when she started developing cognitive changes associated with Alzheimer’s. Can you believe that there are over 34 million unpaid caregivers providing care to someone over the age [...]

When Organizing, Your Personal Documents Matter Most

As we start out the new year you may be seeing many television advertisements enticing you to buy more containers for your stuff. The advertisers try to convince you that if you just had more containers you would be more organized. What typically happens to me is that I buy more containers, accumulate more stuff, [...]