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What is the Second Most Common Form of Demenita?

The most common and familiar type of Dementia Alzheimer's Dementia; however, did you know that Lewy Body Dementia is the second most common type of dementia? Unfortunately, this illness is also the most misdiagnosed form of dementia. The Lewy Body Dementia Association reports that on average, it takes over 18 months to diagnosis, despite obtaining [...]

How to Better Communicate with a Person with Dementia

Occasionally in the early evening, my phone will ring with my mom asking if I can take her home. These occurrences seem quite strange because she is at her home, the same home that she has been living in for the last 65 years. Each of these phone calls consists of my mother insisting that [...]

Getting Sick Can Worsen Dementia

Over a year ago, my mother’s dementia dramatically worsened after back to back illnesses. She developed a cold but recovered in about two weeks. A few days later, I found her extremely weak, confused, and short of breath. Thinking she may have pneumonia, I decided we needed to seek emergency attention through an ER evaluation. [...]

Is it Delirium or Dementia?

Before the start of my business as a health advocate, I was a physician assistant for the department of internal medicine. One of my responsibilities was to provide medical consultations to all patients admitted to the geriatric psychiatry unit. Many of the patients arrived at the unit experiencing significant behavior changes. Many patients displayed signs [...]