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Beware of Picking Up Your Phone

The phone rings and the caller ID looks as though the call is from someone in your local community. So, you pick up the phone only to realize it’s a telemarketer—or even worse, someone who claims they are from the IRS. This scenario happens all the time, and it is hard to stop. I recently [...]

Avoid Being a “Bounce Back”

In my last blog, I wrote about a client who had multiple hospitalizations and rehab stays within a three-month period of time. These patients who go back and forth from hospital to home to hospital again are commonly called “bounce backs” by the medical community. These bounce backs are a significant problem in our healthcare [...]

Are Your Parents Struggling at Home?

One of my first long-term clients was a gentleman that had been living in a retirement community and was bouncing back and forth between his apartment, the hospital, the rehab center, and right back to the hospital. He had multiple medical problems, but his biggest hurdle to staying out of the hospital was the lack [...]

Should You Pay That Bill?

One of the hats I wear as a Health Advocate is helping my clients understand their medical bills. After a hospital stay or a visit to their provider, multiple bills arrive in the mail that can cause a lot of confusion. Most people avoid the confusion by just paying the bill without asking any questions. [...]