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Organizing Your Documents

Last month, I wrote about having “The Conversation” with your parents to help you gain a better understanding of their wishes should they become seriously ill. One of my suggestions was to learn more about your parents important financial and legal documents. Would you know where to look if you were asked to find your [...]

Preventing the Flu

Every year, I get a flu shot in late October. I usually remind my clients that they should wait until Halloween to get their flu shot, too. I get vaccinated every year to avoid contracting the flu virus, and also to avoid accidentally infecting my elderly mother, my friends, and my clients. You may just [...]

Overuse of Testing

I accompany many of my clients to their medical appointments and I am often surprised at the number of tests that are suggested despite the person’s advanced age and poor health. Many times, I speak up on my client’s behalf to better understand the risks and benefits of those tests. I was recently asked to [...]

Losing Your Voice

I was recently diagnosed with laryngitis and lost my voice for a few days. The only thing I could do was drink extra liquids and rest my voice until I finally recovered. During recovery time, my voice was useless, I was frustrated when the phone rang, and I realized I had trouble helping my clients. [...]