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National Poison Prevention Week

Did you know that poisoning is the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the United States? Poison prevention week runs the third week of March to raise awareness on this preventable cause of injury and death.   More than 90 percent of poisonings occur in the home—which is a great starting point to begin [...]

Join Your Patient Portal

When I meet clients for the first time, I often ask if they have access to their patient portal so I can have a chance to review their medical records. Most patient portals allow you to see summaries of recent office visits, laboratory and x-ray results, your current medication list, immunizations, and allergies. Having access [...]

Beware of Allergic Reactions to Medications

I recently met with a new client who had transferred to a nursing home for sub-acute rehab. She had spent a few weeks in the hospital before her transfer and during her hospitalization, she had been given two antibiotics for pneumonia. She then developed a significant allergic reaction with a skin rash and intense itching. [...]

Should You Move to Personal Care?

In my position as a health advocate, I often get calls from family members that their mother or father is no longer safe to live alone. Many times, their health has declined, they have lost their spouse, or they can no longer prepare meals or take care of their own personal needs. In Pennsylvania, choosing [...]

February is American Heart Month

American Heart Month is a good time to focus on the risks that contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. Coronary heart disease, angina, heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes fall under the category of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.    So, [...]

Wash Your Hands!

Most of us have been living in fear of getting the dreaded flu this year—and this year’s flu vaccine was only about 30% effective at preventing the flu virus. The big culprit for flu-related illness was H3N2, a strain of influenza A that is more difficult to prevent. This strain of flu carries a higher [...]

Red is for Women

In February, the color red is for women. The first Friday in February of each year is a very special day for women. This year, February 2 is National Wear Red Day—the day where people come together each year and wear red in support of women’s health. This day brings awareness to how vastly different [...]

Should You Hire In-Home Care?

One of the main reasons I started my Health Advocacy business was to share what I learned through becoming a caregiver for both of my parents. During this experience, I learned a lot of things to do and not to do, and I knew there we many people struggling with similar caregiving responsibilities themselves. If [...]

How to Have a Family Meeting About Caregiving

I recently had the chance to sit down with four siblings to have an honest discussion about how difficult it has become to care for their mom. Everyone had a chance to speak and share their experiences. Much of the conversation focused on how much caregiving was impacting their own lives, wondering what could they [...]

You Are Under “Observation Status”

Imagine your 83-year-old mother who lives alone falls at home and is taken to the emergency room. She has multiple bruises, but no apparent broken bones. Despite the x-ray findings, she can’t safely walk on her own and going home alone seems to be out of the question. She is kept overnight in the hospital [...]