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Seeing clearly

I work with many senior clients who have complex medical conditions. One of the biggest struggles their caregivers have is when to make the switch from curative treatment to comfort measures. It has been my experience that the medical community is slow to recommend pulling back aggressive care and even slower to be frank with [...]

Make a list!

Did you know that the average medical appointment is about 15 minutes long? When I first started working as a physician assistant, I had the luxury of building extra time in my appointment schedule for more complex cases. That luxury faded away over the years and most patients were scheduled every 15 minutes regardless of [...]

Don’t Go Alone

I started attending all medical appointments with my parents as they became older.  When my father was diagnosed with cancer, the appointments were frequent and often anxiety producing. Complicated medical terms and difficult to pronounce medication names filled the air as we discussed what was to happen next. With my background as a physician assistant, [...]

Six preventative practices to avoid getting the flu

It is that time of year when we find ourselves reaching for the tissue box. With winter comes an increase in cold and flu season. Flu symptoms include runny nose, cough, body aches and pain, and fever. The flu is spread when someone who is sick coughs or sneezes and droplets spread in the air. [...]

Home for the holidays

As we approach the holiday season, many of us travel home to visit our aging parents. Despite having regular phone conversations, you may not be aware of the age-related decline that has happened since your last visit. You may be surprised to find that dad is looking frail or that your family home that was [...]

Feeling Thankful

Recently, one of my clients passed away after a long struggle with dementia. The illness took a huge toll on her husband and children, but through it all they rose to the challenge and provided love and support to her in the last year. To my surprise the family wrote the following in her obituary: [...]

Four things I observed in 2015 as a Health Advocate

Older adults are being prescribed too many medications. One of the services I provide is a review of all the medications my clients are taking. This includes prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. One of my clients was taken 17 different medications! It is not uncommon for clients to have multiple specialists, each prescribing a variety [...]

How many pills do you take in a day?

My mother takes three pills each morning. If it were up to her, she would stop them all. Last year when she broke her hip, I had a hard time getting her to take a Tylenol for her hip pain. Bottom line, she is not a big fan of taking a lot of medications and [...]

Stop and question before paying that bill

Ten years ago, my father was admitted to a local hospital with a kidney stone. The stone was large and he needed additional surgery to crush the stone. I reminded him to not pay any hospital bills before I had a chance to review them and I was glad he waited to pay his bills. [...]

What kind of help does a Health Advocate provide?

As mentioned in my last post, my mom is 84 years old. In the last few years, I have been her Health Advocate. Recently, she fell in the kitchen and injured her right hip. Her initial x-rays did not show a fracture, but she was unable to bear weight on her right leg. The emergency [...]